Making predictions from a model file

decryptr allows you to load a trained model from a `.hdf5` file and make predictions for new captchas.

Loading the model

If you trained a model with decryptr API or a custom model and saved the model file at some point you will need to make predictions using the trained model.

First, you will need to load the model to memmory. decryptr provides a load_model function that can be used to do so.

model <- load_model("model.hdf5", labs = c(letters, 0:9))

It’s important to note the labs argument of the function load_model. It must be the same that you passed to the read_captcha when reading the captchas for training.

If you want to load a pre-trained model you can use the name found in this list with the load_model function.

model <- load_model("rfb") # example using rfb

Making predictions

After loading the model, one can easily make predictions for a new captcha by running:

captcha <- read_captcha("path-to-captcha.png")
decrypt(captcha, model)

The decrypt function will return a scalar character containing the predicted content of the captchas.